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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Residential Projects

DMS Energy have advised countless locals on the right energy solutions for their home’s and business’s.


DMS Residential Solutions

Solar Systems, Heating, Hot Water or General Electrical, DMS Energy have the right solution and advice to make your home energy efficient?

DMS Energy is Tasmania’s premier solar power installer. We tailor each solar system for your individual requirements, taking into account your power usage, budget, roof area, and of course, your geographical location. We understand the different climatic conditions that are prevalent in Tasmania and the effects this can have on a Tasmanian Solar system. DMS Energy will consult with you throughout the entire process.

DMS Energy can supply and install a heating system designed specifically for your requirements. We take the time to consult with you in your own home and design a heating system that is effective and efficient.  We can also address your condensation issues with the Asthma Council accredited HRV ventilation system.  With over 125,000 systems installed across New Zealand, HRV is perfect for the Tasmanian climate.

While we are there, let us have a look at your wiring and electrical systems. With a fully accredited team of electricians, DMS Energy can conduct any residential electrical job, from changing a light fitting to completely wiring a house, DMS Energy will ensure that your home is safe for years to come.

Solar Systems

DMS Energy only sell and install the best when it comes to your solar, grid connect and off grid systems.

We recommend and sell grid connect inverters and storage systems from SolarEdge and Fronius. Off grid systems from Victron Energy and Schnider Electric and PV panels from TrinaSolar. We also supply and install efficient hot water systems from NeoPower.

The experts at DMS Energy will ensure that you are purchasing the right equipment for your lifestyle. This will ensure the system you are sold is up to the the required tasks and will continue to serve your needs for the long term, making it a valuable investment in your home.


  • Solar Panel Array
  • Grid-Connect Inverter
  • Roof Mounting Frames
  • AC-DC Circuit Protection
  • Safety Labels
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Array String Wiring
  • 25-year panel performance output warranty
  • Minimum 5-year inverter warranty
  • Fully accredited installation

Heating and Cooling

We know that everybody is different, and so is every home. Actron Air have developed a wide product range that can be tailored to suit every lifestyle, from those looking for single room comfort right through to whole of home solutions. And if you are wanting to tackle condensation or mould issues then we can set you up with a quality HRV system, allowing your home to breath.

Hot Water

Neopower Solar Hot Water Systems are one of the most advanced solar hot water system in Australia. The proven and certified Neopower solar evacuated tube technology provides highly energy-efficient hot water solutions with gas or electric boosted options.

Compared with flat panel solar collector, Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors capture more sunlight as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time, can be used in subzero temperatures, are durable, provide excellent performance in overcast conditions, require a smaller roof area, do not have the same level of corrosion problems as flat plate collectors.

The Neopower solar hot water system carries industry leading warranties:

  • 15 Yr warranty tubes and heat pipes
  • 15 Yr warranty on manifold
  • 15 Yr warranty on framework
  • 10 Yr warranty on glass lined tank

Electrical and Lighting

DMS Energy sell and install solar system batteries from Sungel, with advanced Ultragel, thick plate advances carbon technology for use with our SolarEdge systems.

Battery Energy has been supplying proven and reliable battery storage systems on and off grid for 30 years. Battery Energy’s Thick Plate Advanced Carbon Technology is industry leading and will continue to be installed in high temperature and cycling applications with Australia’s most innovative companies. When developing our technology in conjunction with the CSIRO there was a strong focus on delivering a product with superior cycling and life expectancies.

Our Residential Brands

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Compared with flat panel solar collector, Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors capture more sunlight as they have a...
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