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The Newest Evolution Of The Famous LG NeON Cell


Today I’m going to gush a bit as I’m talking about solar panels and those that know me know I do get a bit excited about solar panels.

Everyone loves a new baby in the house, a new addition to the family. The thing is with babies they are all different and you never know what you’re going to get.

DMS Energy has a new baby in the fold and it's the another step in the evolution of LG NeON solar panel range. This panel is the LG NeON-H. Unlike real babies we know exactly what we are going to get. A superior solar panel built to perform and built to last and backed up by LG Australia

Like every stage this NeON panel has just become better and better. Those of you that follow us on social media will know we started installing the NeON range 2013. They were one of the very few N type cells on the market.

The N type junctions of the cells and the specialised LG texturing process was giving us higher wattage panels with better low light performance in quite a small format. Simply better performing panels, with a lower degradation taking up less space on your roof.

I originally put the LG 300 watt NeON panels on my roof in 2013 and they are still rocketing along. They were at the time the epitome of solar panel technology.

Then in 2015 we had the NeON2 which was a phenomenal step up again. We had much higher wattage than any of our competitors in the same price range. Cello busbar technology, 40mm frames when everyone was going to 35mm to make the panel more robust. LG had set the pace once again. This range started at 315 watts and finished its production run in 2021 as a 365 watt panel.

Then the NeON-R which was the Ferrari of all solar panels and the best performing panel we have seen in any of our testing.

Now we have the NeON-H which is starting out at a whopping 385 watts and only set to climb. Still using the famous N type cells and cello busbar technology except now they are available in split cell configuration. Splitting the cells from 60 6’’ cells into 120 half cells gives a panel a big leg up in performance. All the Chinese panels are doing it as it has made once very average performing panels really lift their performance by just changing the configuration of the cells.

I’m really excited to see how these perform on our test arrays as we have taken one of the best performing panels the world has seen and LG have now configured it as a split cell.

If we are sticking with car analogies it's like putting nitrous oxide boosting on a Ferrari.

So to say I’m more than just a little bit excited is an understatement.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of the new model.

Still has the 25 year product warranty and 25 year power output warranty.

Still designed to be doing over 90% of its output in 25 years.

Excellent Low light performance

Hail resistant 35mm to 27.2 metre per second or 98 kilometres per hour.

These are things we have come to expect from the LG NeON range

Did you know we can install right up to the sea as they have Salt Mist Corrosion certification to maximum severity 6?

This is a handy feature because guess where a lot of people live when they live on an island?

The new panel has a better temperature coefficient than previous models as some people might be aware the physically hotter a solar panel is the less power it can put out. But not the NeON-H as it has a very low temperature coefficient that means its output holds up way better than cheaper modules on those hot sunny summer days.

This earns more power for you and money in your pocket.

LG NeON-H also has a high wind resistance loading of 4000 Pascal so that gives our clients the peace of mind they are going to resist our gales and storms.

So to round up this new product release its exactly what we expect from an LG solar product. Performance, durability and good looks backed by a multi billion dollar global company we all at some stage have had some experience with.

What’s not to like?

If you would like to see what's involved in getting some these LG NeON-H solar panels on your roof and crushing your bills for decades to come give DMS Energy a call on 1300 502 599 or pop into our showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton and we can run you through the process.

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