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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Resilience in Tough Times

Resilience in tough times

Today I thought we would talk about resilience, what it means and what we need to do to be able to achieve it.

In the last 6 months, all of Australia (and the world) has been tested and it has brought home how precarious our situation can be when things are not going smoothly. It’s also brought home how the systems and processes we rely and depend on are only really designed to work when things are going well. The last 6 months of bushfires and pandemics, has exposed a lot of flaws in what we take granted.

Building resilience especially in business requires stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself into worst case scenarios and thinking your way back out of them. Whilst these principles apply to mums and dads as well, the fact that we have never been busier installing domestic solar systems, efficient heating, lighting, battery storage on domestic properties demonstrates to me that Mum and Dad’s get it. They know what they need to do make their ‘family unit’ more resilient in tough times.

Business owners however seem to struggle to make that leap.

Using DMS Energy for an example, we already had highly efficient heating and lighting in our showroom and w/shops, we have lots of solar panels on our roof, we even have battery storage. This meant despite what is going on with the rest of the world, national or local economies our power needs are sorted. All the electrical energy that drives our business machine is sourced free from the sun. Before the pandemic we just enjoyed stupidly low to no power bills to run quite a large business. This made us more resilient. Our computers ran for free, our lights ran for free, our heating ran for free, our hot water heated for free made us more resilient as these normal overheads just weren’t there. It gave us more confidence to just push on.

With the public awareness of avoiding public places we needed to make our showroom and offices a safe place to visit so we installed a PHI system. The Photo hydro ionisation system is constantly sterilising our work place by killing viruses and bacteria on both the surfaces and in the air. It gave our customers the confidence to drop in and see us when the restrictions allowed them to. It also made our workplace safer; as a safety net for our customers and employees if someone was to, just for a minute, forget themselves with social distancing and hygiene standards.

Whilst we have Covid under control in the state at the moment it not going to go away anytime soon. Especially once the borders open up as we cannot hide behind our moat forever. There is always going to be flare ups and there is always going to be doubt and uncertainty until there is some sort of vaccine or effective treatment.

So this is the reason we are going to be talking about resilience on and off over the next couple of months. DMS energy will be developing strategies for business owners to make their businesses more resilient. Not just for these current dramas but for the next ones that are just around the corner. We will be helping businesses evolve and adapt their operations using renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate control and dosing techniques and products.

What we want to do for business clients is;

  • Lower your overheads
  • Increase your profits
  • Increase customer confidence in walking back into your shops and businesses
  • Make your workplace safer

For landlords:

  • We can help with tenant retention as empty buildings go from being an asset to a liability in an instant.
  • Increase the capital value of your investments
  • We can clad your operations with another layer of armour to help make it thrive in good times and survive in tight times.

If any business owners would like to continue this conversation give DMS Energy a call or arrange an appointment on 1300 502 599.

Or pop into 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton.

We are here to help and with the tax incentives and low interest rates available it has never been a more advantageous time to build resilience to get through not only this crisis but the ones that haven’t even popped up on our radar yet.

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