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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

The iStore heat pump hot water is a hit!


A few weeks ago we introduced the new iStore heat pump hot water system into our flock of energy efficiency products.

The demand for this product has well and truly exceeded our expectations.

I guess it shouldn’t be a such a huge surprise as most people are well aware, that hot water generally makes up at least 25% of their bill and are reminded so every 90 days when the power bill comes in.

We have had a couple of clients that already have their hot water cylinders outside and they are in a great position to easily transition to an iStore unit. It’s just drain and remove the old energy guzzling cylinder and connect the new iStore unit and you are away, heating hot water for around 70% lower running costs.

A couple of units had to be moved outside as heat pumps have to go outside and we needed to relocate the cold and hot piping and re-run the electrical circuits and that’s been coming in at around $500 extra but it will vary from house to house. But this is why we do free onsite quotes to get all our ducks in a row so the client knows what they are in for and so that the job runs smoothly.

The larger iStore 270 litre models are big enough to deal with the most strenuous of household water demands and has been the most popular choice.

But the 180 litre units have been a hit as well with our clients that are only a 2 person household. Where as most heat pump hot water units do not cater for empty nesters as they are geared for bigger households with higher water consumption requirements. The 180 litre unit is just the perfect fit and price for those that just don’t need the grunt or the storage capacity of the 270 litre model. The smaller unit keeps the price and gets the job done.

So why are these such a hit? Main reason is they are so easy to install so it keeps the cost down.

The other reason is they attract a reasonable government rebate. Just over $1,000 off the price for the smaller unit and around $950 for the larger unit which all helps the cause, to get your hot water costs lower and less damage out of your hip pocket.

Having the ability to heat your hot water for the around 70% less energy consumption is the main driver. While there are a few different ways we can do this and a few different products that can do it, the iStore is proving a quite popular choice.

It actually looks quite smart as well.

If you would like to find out more about the iStore have a look at our website which is or alternatively you can find links to the product on our facebook page. Have a look at the product. See if it’s right for you and if you have any questions just give us a call on 1300 502 599 or pop in and see us at 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton.

But who doesn’t want a heap of hot water with lower bills at the same time?

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