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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Summer Savings


The days are getting longer and finally a bit warmer and typically we see most of power consumption costs fall as we are just not using the amount of power we do during the winter months. There are still a few things we can do to minimise running air conditioning or just making our living spaces more comfortable.

The sun, wonderful thing and the source of all life on earth, is also the source of bleaching the back of your lounge suite in the lounge room and making the house feel like a sauna.

Why does our home get so hot on the stinking hot summer days. Its seem obvious but exactly the same principle is going on when we heat our home during winter except this time the heat source is largely uncontrollable. More heat is entering our home than can leak out. Two things at play here is when the outside ambient energy is quite high, there is very little in the way of heat loss from the building without some passive or forced ventilation

Also the thermal mass of the building is soaking up heat and will continue to radiate heat after the day has started to cool down.

Aside from air conditioning, the next easiest way to keep your home cooler is to keep the heat out. Use your curtains, blinds and shutters to block excessive sunlight going into your home. As the majority of us are on the coast we tend to have some reliable sea breezes and if we can, we should endeavour to make the most of them. Open up your windows, open up your doors. If you can get some air movement running through the home it can carry away some of the excess heat. Aside from security concerns, as we tend to open up the house making it the cheapest, easiest way to help control the inside environment. Security can be an issue though. I like to get home of a night and wonder what’s on TV not wonder whether my TV is still there.

Solar power coupled with air conditioning like our LG range makes it easier to control your living environment with virtually no running costs. This option gives you control over your living environment while not having to leave your house open, which can be a security concern.

Now for some good news.

I was on the phone to Markus Lambert, the head of LG solar in Australia and he asked Adrian what can we do to help you and your customers over the summer months?

I had this idea nestled in my head for a while now and so I laid it out for him.

Basically I said “Markus I want a free tablet for every LG solar panel system we sell between now and Christmas.”

There was an audible thump as he passed out and hit the floor. After he was revived, we thrashed out the details and here we are with this announcement.

For every LG solar panel system we sell between now and Christmas, DMS Energy are offering a free tablet so you can monitor your system comfortably and easily in your own home. If you want to use it for all the other things tablets are used for, that's fine as well. You could even use your tablet to visit our Facebook page (just for DMS Energy) and give us a review or see the stories we post up.

So there it is, Christmas has come early this year as we are now offering the free tablet for all new LG solar panel orders between now and the end of the year. A big thank you to Markus Lambert and a thank you LG Electronics for always looking at increasing the value proposition of their products.

A few months ago we  were making a song a dance about the new amazing new 345 watt LG NeON2 panels.

Well that's old hat, obsolete and yesterdays news as now we have moved onto 350 watt LG NeON2 modules. LG just keep kicking goals and pushing the boundaries with what we can harvest off your roof. I only need 15 of these panels to make 5.25kW of solar. Not so many years ago it was over 24 panels for a similar sized system.

25 year build warranty, 25 year power output warranty. Backed by one of the largest companies in the world. If you are considering going solar you have to seriously look at the LG solar panel range.

Pop into our showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton to see all these products we talk about operating as working displays or give us a call on 1300 502 599 to find out more or to book your free, no obligation quote. Just remember at this time of year, you and everyone else is thinking solar and install booking time slots will become limited as the year tapers off. So if you want your Christmas leg of lamb cooked via solar for Christmas dinner it will pay to make a move sooner than later.

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